Since 2002

Kelly & Company is one of the leading mobile city and disaster relief operations in the United States.

We provide the solution for sustainable housing and support for your remote workforce anywhere in the nation. Logistics, turnkey housing, and onsite management is our specialty!



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885 W Steel St
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Toll Free: (877) 746.2642


Kelly & Company provides assets to build customizable mobile cities that house up to 4,000 personnel with all amenities.  Our rapid response advantage is drastically multiplied because Kelly & Company is centrally located in the Midwest and has strategic assets placed in satellite locations for rapid response.  We can deploy and re-deploy in a matter of hours, which allows our team to move with our customers as needed with little or no downtime to our client’s operations.


Kelly & Company utilizes a professional OSHA Consulting Firm to ensure we stay up-to-date with all OSHA Regulations and Safety Issues.  All OSHA certified supervisors attend a yearly update with our OSHA consulting firm. Kelly Mobile Cities include one on-site visit by the OSHA consulting firm to assess safety concerns and assist the Safety Officer as needed. OSHA consulting firm remains on standby and will deploy in case of an actual incident.


Since 2002 Kelly & Company has provided key support services for workers that have responded to some of the nation’s most devastating disasters — both man-made and natural. This includes everything from tornados, hurricanes, ice storms, flooding, chemical spills and more. Many companies and organizations rely on our services and solutions for non-emergency projects, as well. We provide the infrastructure needed to house and support an on-site workforce in any type of project setting.

Toll Free: (877) 746.2642

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