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Corporate Office: 885 West Steel Street Seymour, Missouri 65746

Serving the nation from East Coast to West Coast.

Kelly and Company has provided our services and equipment to the following:

Military Bases:

Texas National Guard, Texas

Camp Grayling, Michigan

Marseilles Training Center, Illinois

San Antonio Family Services, Texas

Yakima Training Center, Washington

Fort Riley, Kansas

Fort Lee, Virginia

Fort Polk, Louisiana

Bridgeport, California

Laredo, Texas

Del Rio, Texas


2004 Hurricane Charley, Florida

2004 Hurricane Frances, Florida

2004 Hurricane Ivan, Florida

2005 Hurricane Dennis, Florida

2005 Hurricane Katrina, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida

2005 Hurricane Rita, US Gulf Coast

2005 Hurricane Wilma, Florida

2008 Hurricane Gustave, Louisiana, Florida

2008 Hurricane Ike, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi

2012 Hurricane Isaac, Louisiana

2012 Hurricane Sandy, New York

2016 Hurricane Matthew, Georgia, South Carolina 

2017 Hurricane Harvey, Texas

2017 Hurricane Irma, Georgia, Alabama

2018 Hurricane Michael, Alabama, Florida

Oil Spill:

2010 BP, Louisiana 

Ice Storms:

2006 Missouri & Oklahoma

2009 Missouri


2006 Georgia

We would like the opportunity to become your first responder team.

                                                                                   -Kelly & Co.

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